Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Highlight: Super

I will admit, I barely watched the Super Bowl or the commercials! I had meetings and work and other things. The only thing I really saw was this beautiful man at the end! He's always so happy, and I think that's why he's so well liked. All of my friends were happy the Giants took the victory! So intense at the end, I thought.

Is it just me, or is anyone bound to get sucked into The Voice again this season like I was this past summer? It's such a fantastic show and to me the premise of it speaks volumes. (plus getting to watch Blake Shelton and Adam Levine in action for a few hours=perfectly ok by me!)

Other than making my way through job applications and trying to accomplish little tasks, this was a pretty good weekend!

Hope you all have fantastic weeks! I need to start making my Valentines and hoping that I can stay ahead!



  1. I watched The Voice for the first time last night and absolutely loved it!!! Such a cool show- I had no idea. I will definitely be trying to tune in for the remainder of the season!

  2. i had the game on in the background, but didn't pay much attention either. i remember the commercials being funnier in years past, but maybe it's just me. um YES, love the voice! blake is totally my fave.

  3. I just totally sucked in to the voice too. It is the only reality show I watch!

  4. I just watched part of The Voice for the first time last looked so good. My husband changed the channel's probably a good thing he did! :)

  5. I love the Voice!! Kris and I watched last night too! I am continuously cracking up from CeLo and that guy that was on the mickey mouse club with Christina was so good!! Have fun making your valentines! xoxo

  6. Ugh, I can't believe you had to work! I didn't watch the Super Bowl either... but don't people know people need that night off??? It's almost like a holiday!

  7. Ugh that's a shame you had to work...course I didn't watch it either. Haha.


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