Thursday, March 28, 2013

Something I never thought I'd LOVE

Hey ladies! I've been a terrible blogger lately. But life gets in the way (i.e. you get sick AGAIN. Hopefully next week's 80 degree temperatures will get rid of all of this stuff for good!). I want to try to be better and really put good hard work into content I used to love to write.

Anyway, in other news, at my house recently we made this Vegetarian Chili made with quinoa, because it's still cold enough where eating chili is socially acceptable! Now I absolutely love quinoa. It's so good with so many different vegetables and chicken too. We're not vegetarians in my family, but we don't eat meat every night. We like to mix it up! But when it comes to classics like chili, I don't always like to stray away from our usual turkey chili (it's pretty good!). The other night, though, we tried something new and all ended up LOVING it. It's filling without feeling overly full (if that makes sense!)
image found here

This recipe is done in a slow cooker, so you put it in and just let it go! Enjoy it here! Have you ever had this type of chili? It's great, right?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break Packing!

A week from now, I'll be in the Bahamas! I'm so excited! It's my first cruise and I know it's definitely going to be a great adventure. I've already started gathering all of my items to pack in my bag but I always always always tend to overpack, just because I like options. But I'm trying to consolidate and here's what I believe are the bulk of the items that are coming with me.


I'm trying to stay very basic and bring items that can be worn multiple times. And I'm all about the bright colors! Bring on the brights! Are you good at packing? Or are you a overpacker like me? You can never be too prepared!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fancies: Happy Spring + a Birthday Wish

We made it to Friday! Happy Friday all! I can't believe the first week of spring is here, although it still feels like winter here. Averages are supposed to be in the high 40s and it's 20 right now. I need some sun and a little bit of warmth ASAP (good thing I leave in 10 days...WHAT?!). But for the time being, this is what I'd wear now!


I was sort of thinking of that Olivia Palermo photo of her in the floral jeans. She can wear anything! I would love to try these out for a nice coffee outside over looking the lake. How perfect does that sound? Anyway, anything with this much color is a win in my book! Bring on spring please!

Tonight is my sister Ellen's golden birthday. I told her that I would call her 22 times today playing that Taylor Swift song. We'll see how I do! She's the best friend anyone could ever ask for and I'm so excited tonight to celebrate her birthday. I love you so much Bella!

I hope you all have fantastic weekends! Hope it's spring in your neck of the woods (and check out Long Distance Loving for more inspiration!)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Fancies: Luck O' the Irish

Top of the Morning to you ladies! Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's such a fun celebration and so fun to see everybody in the spirit. My family is Irish and we always cook up corned beef, roasted potatoes and Irish Soda Bread (can we make about 3 loves?) to celebrate the holiday. Oh and Green River too! I've been wearing green and white all week long, but tomorrow I'll be donning this:

Shamrock Shake

Simple, easy, yet festive and classic. I love it! (Not to mention that I would probably wear it again, even after St. Patrick's Day's over!). I'll be celebrating with my sister and friend, eating good food and yes having some Green River! How are you celebrating? Head over to Long Distance Loving for more fancies and have a great one ladies!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bachelor Finale!

So The Bachelor ended last night. Yes, my friends and I have watched every single episode of The Bachelor religiously since it premiered in January, and we were very excited about last night's episode! We had bets on the top 3 and I did have Catherine in my top, though I was a bit skeptical after a few episodes ago wondering if they would be it. And then last night when she said I love you and he said thank you for today? I was like, whoah, it's not happening!

But then, of course, thank you abc for making us think that the letter was going to be a bad thing. The letter was actually so so sweet and I thought it was cute when Sean said that he's read it over and over. (Disclaimer: I love Sean!). He proposed to Catherine and she said yes and it was probably one of the best proposals in Bachelor history.

Also, I may have cried.
And yes, I realize how incredibly sappy that is. At least I admit to it!

Overall, I loved this season! Sean was a great bachelor, so different than in past seasons. Desiree is also the new bachelorette. I liked her, she was not my favorite and some of my friends found her to be very annoying, but we'll have to wait until summer to see what's in store for all of them.

Are you a Bachelor fan? What'd you think of the outcome?

image via here

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Fancies: Lovely Lace

Happy Friday ladies! Isn't it a great feeling, Friday? Gotta love it! I'm waking up to hot espresso in my new espresso maker and it's so delicious! It might or might not be a two cup morning!


Anyways, to fancies! I am in love with this lace trend going around. I have a few lacy pieces that I can't wait to put on repeat this spring and summer. Wouldn't this emerald shell be perfect? With a leather jacket it would be the perfect high/low combo (leather and lace...isn't that a Miranda Lambert album? haha!). I love the colors and my sisters, my mom and I are all wanting this anthropologie clutch. We would share it of course and I'm thinking we might splurge. It's too fun for spring and summer! Do you have spring must haves?

My brother's home for his spring break this weekend, so we're going to enjoy some time with him. I have to work a lot this weekend too, but I'll get my relaxation time in. I'll make sure of it! I also got the first two seasons of Mad Men from my library. Is it as good as everybody says? I want to see for myself! Happy Friday! Check out more lace lovlies over on Long Distance Loving!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This post is brought to you today by the fact that I have a snow day. In March.

It was a definite surprise last night when I got the call that our little school was not going to be open and I'm so enjoying this day. Definitely going to be a two cup of coffee morning and I want to get some baking in. and maybe a walk in the snow will be a must. And I might look up in wonderment just like these precious doggies.

Is it bad that I'm ok with this snow? We didn't really get any in at Christmas and the majority of January, so this is welcome in my book. So magical, and as long as we get those spring temps in time for St. Patrick's Day, we're all good!

Enjoy your day, wherever you are!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Fancies: Bling Bling!


Happy Friday! This has felt like the longest week in existence. Anyone agree? It has snowed. and snowed. and snowed. I love it! Yes, I know most people are so over winter, but it still feels magical to me. I'm so happy though that we have finally made it to March.

{av} asked us to create looks with our favorite bling. As a jewelry lover, I love this week! I could wear a statement necklace every day if I had my way! There are definitely some more classic options and more trendy pieces out there that are so fun to mix and match with anything in your closet. I think that you can dress up a tee and jeans with either of these pops of sparkle! I am so coveting that first one. What a splurge! Yep, I could definitely see myself walking around in either of these!

I'm finally getting a haircut this weekend. I need it so badly! I always feel so good after a haircut, so I cannot wait to get this done. It'll be a nice relaxing weekend, and I can't wait! Stop over to Long Distance Loving for some more blinged out eye candy!