Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sometimes when life gets tough...

...I wish I could just pack up a take a trip! Maybe here?

Source: via Brandi on Pinterest

I wish I could just stop whatever I'm doing and just knit for awhile.

I wish I could just go out with friends and just have some coffee and maybe a croissant! (or cookies, those work too!)

I wish I could just read a book, any book! (although from what I've been told, I really need to read this!)

Some days I wish I could just magically check everything off of my to-do list, stop life for awhile and just be. If you could just be right now, what do you wish you could do?

But unfortunately, we can't always do that. Life's not always that way. Wishes are always good things to hold onto and it's fun to think about those little things. With Valentine's Day come and gone, it's time to set our sites on the next little thing worth celebrating! Whether it's some more love, a birthday, a promotion, or an end to a difficult week, I'm going to try to keep my eye on something set to celebrate by the end of this week. When did more celebrating ever hurt anyone? With job apps, projects, and never ending research, sometimes it feels like I just want to run. But I won't. I'm going to stay put and keeping pushing through! (and maybe one of my little wishes can come true! Probably the coffee one. No complaints there!).

and I'm sorry for the venting, and mindless thoughts in this post. Sometimes a girl just needs to get it out there!

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Days!! Keep that love going everyday, you never have too many chances to tell all those people in your life that you love them!



  1. Let it out my friend. It's okay to vent! Sometimes we just need to let that stuff out! Hope things get better! xo

  2. don't hold everything in susan, it is ok to let people know you are hurting or struggling. and like you at times i just wish i could escape the world for a bit, go to some deserted island and just lay down and sleep for days!!

  3. Sometimes I just want to drive away from it all! Celebrating little things really does help!

  4. I feel exactly like you. Those are all my wishes too. Life has been so busy lately I feel like I barely have time to breathe.

  5. aww dont stressed out


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