Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cozy Throw

This past year, I have not been knitting nearly as much as I usually do. And it has been perfect knitting weather: bitter cold and many nights staying in by the TV watching a movie. But my hands get tired during the day from all the piano that I play and I don't want to hurt them any more (yes, I have carpel tunnel like little old ladies. It's terrible!). But I gave in when I heard about this company out of New York called Loopy Mango, which sells insanely chunky, heavy wool. Now, I love to invest in good wool that is hand spun here. There is just a difference in quality and I love supporting those farmers. Loopy Mango sells kits for throw blankets where they give you everything: the needles (size 50, can you imagine!), wool, and the pattern, plus a cute little bag to put it all in. I decided that I wanted to make a throw. I already have enough lovely scarves, plus I knew that I would have it forever.

I ordered it in grey and couldn't wait for the materials to arrive! The best part? It only took less than three hours to make! Talk about immediate satisfaction. Here's the finished product:

I am in love! I wish it was a tad bit bigger, but for a throw it's pretty perfect. It's currently sitting on my bed warming my feet as I get over the stomach flu (yuck) and it is so warm and a perfect second layer on my bed. Plus don't you love the natural ombre it has? It's been perfect on my grey chair too. I would definitely recommend Loopy Mango to anyone who wants to knit a big blanket in a hurry! Check out more of their products here.

*No compensation was given by Loopy Mango. I just loved the product and wanted to share it with you!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Brr Brr Brr

My hat is off to all of the hardworking people that have to attend work, all of the people who have no homes, the hardworking public service people who are doing their best to keep the streets and sidewalks safe for all of us, thank you. It is COLD! This is the coldest day that I have ever experienced, and thankfully, I can stay inside in my warm house and do my work from inside today. Hopefully we'll be back to normal tomorrow, but there's no telling what the midwest has up its sleeve!

I have been documenting the views from my bedroom window for the past week and how it has changed in a week. We went from no snow, to snow again, to melting snow, to blizzarding conditions, and now finally all is calm and cold. But the sun helps! You know what also helps? Orange Cranberry Scones and the Downton Abbey premiere, which did not disappoint! I cannot wait until next week, this season is looking fantastic! Now it's on for tonight, my other guilty pleasure: The Bachelor!

*Stay safe and warm all of those in the midwest and those in the east who will be receiving this shortly*

Thursday, January 2, 2014


So I haven't blogged in months. Work has been the biggest road block in blogging, since Christmas was my busiest time. I had too many Christmas concerts to count, but I relished each one, enjoying the joy on my students' faces and in their voices. It was something I can't wait to experience again next year. But since Christmas break, I have been relaxing to no end. I have spent lots of fun nights with friends, lazy movie nights with my family, and days baking, cleaning and listening to Christmas music. Still. I can't get rid of it! Technically Christmas isn't over until January 6th, am I right?!

2013 has been a year full of blessings: I went on my first cruise, joined a beach volleyball team, finished off a year with a wonderful job and started a wonderful new one, worked a ton, took a small vacation with family, ran my first 15K, celebrated fun nights out with friends and had just as many amazing nights in, and got to spend the holidays with my whole family, where we were all (fort the most part!) healthy. Like all of us, I've had my fair share of roadblocks this year and challenges that have come up in my path, but I still say that this was a fantastic year and I have a good feeling about 2014!

I honestly cannot remember what my goals were for 2013. I never wrote them down! But I feel like I accomplished a lot and I feel great about where I am in my life this year. I feel strong, physically and mentally and am so happy with where I am with my friends and family. I think that so many people beat themselves down at the end of every year and think of everything that they didn't achieve the year before, and feel bad about it. Then people compare their resolutions with others and feel like they should be achieving just as much as those around them. Well, I think that it's OUR YEAR and we can achieve whatever we want because WE WANT TO! Right?

This year, I hope to take more pictures (and then develop them!), run a half marathon, travel more, practice the piano more, learn to be a better cook, and save more money. I would also love to blog more this year, we'll see how that goes!

I hope that 2013 has been a year of blessings for all of you and I pray for more blessings for all in 2014! Happy New Year!