Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: Smile!

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Happy Thursday friends! I hope you are all having wonderful weeks. As winter, or whatever we're calling this season, progresses, we often find ourselves in a lull. It gets tough at times, and yes a little depressing. But I hope we're all finding reasons to smile this week! Here's a few reasons why I'm smiling (little things count!):

a smile from me to you!
I got a new nail polish! Essie olĂ© caliente! Hot huh? I love it! It's going to be my essential spring color (I've already decided!) It's the perfect mix between orange and pink! I'm in! (although it looks red in  this picture. It's not)

I got to hear the wonderful and inspiring Sr. Helen Prejean speak about her journey counseling criminals on death row (the movie Dead Man Walking was based on her book, Susan Sarandon played her in the movie). She is truly an inspiration and I am so lucky to have heard her speak about social justice and her thoughts on the world. Here's some more words that she left that really struck me: "We are all worth more than the worst thing we ever did in our life." It was powerful ladies.

I'm in full swing getting ready for my half marathon! Stephanie has been so supportive and has given me so much advice :)

I'm catching up on Pan Am! Such a good show! Does anyone else watch it?

One of my best friends' birthday is today! We're celebrating a little bit later :) This same friend is also going to be playing an amazing beautiful piano concerto in a big concert tomorrow and I'm so excited to see her shine!

So many wonderful people have been aiding me in my job search! From all of the emails and everything that people have been helping me with, I think things are looking up!

Emails with Carly about teaching!

Though I am making most of my cards, I did find a few that Hallmark had me beat! I hope these people like them :)

Hot chocolate for dessert!

What has you smiling this week ladies? I'd love to know!



  1. Love the new nail polish color! And that you heard Sr Prejean, I loved that book, very powerful!

  2. Getting new nail polish always makes me smile too. I hope your friend has a fabulous birthday.

    :) I think I will go make myself some hot chocolate now.

  3. Thanks for the comment!! Love the new nail polish!

  4. Such a pretty nail polish color! Just found your blog and am a new follower! I'm a teacher, too, and it looks like you may be, as well!?

  5. Oh wow, Hubby and I are training for a half marathon too! But ours is in March! Yikes!

    I used to watch Pan AM, but I havent been keeping up with it, mostly because of time. But it is a good show!

    Thanks for the Thursday smiles!

  6. SUPER cute polish and I just love love the glittery quote!

    Happy Friday!

    Keep Shining,
    Shine On


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