Monday, August 1, 2011

Pick a man, any man!

Ok, not really any man. But I want opinions!

Tonight is the Bachelorette Finale!!! Anyone excited? I am! As I've previously mentioned, I kind of like this show as one of my guilty pleasures. I'm perfectly ok with it too. So good! (Also Bachelor Pad premieres next week. Not like I'm excited or anything...)

So I want to know who will Ashley pick: Ben or JP? Who do you think?

This picture does Ben no justice! He's way cuter than this.
Even though J.P. is hot. And has a cute smile

I'm for Ben. I love him and I think he's sweet. I'd totally date him if he was in my neck of the woods. He and Ashley would look cute on the next issue of People too. Because we all know next week she'll be there with one of them, right?

So that's my vote. Who do you think??

Happy Finale!



  1. I'm with you on this. I hope she goes for Ben too!

  2. haha! I haven't watched the show... ever, but I like hearing what everyone has to say about it!

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