Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Something Blue

Something Blue
Once again, I'm linking up with {av} over at Long Distance Loving for this week's theme: weddings! I do not have any more weddings to attend this summer, but I thought it'd still be fun and maybe inspiration for the one's I'm headed to next summer! While searching, I came across this color and fell in love so I had to do two outfits! The left is a little more dressy while the right is still dressy but with a casual chic vibe. I love how much you can do with this color and how many looks can come with it. Isn't it fabulous? Of course, someone at the wedding has to have that something blue!

Have wonderful weekends! I'm hoping I'm not getting another cold (thank you, kiddos!) or maybe it's just allergies. I'm planning on a simple weekend of relaxing and watching a little Say Yes to the Dress (speaking of weddings!), practicing and writing a few papers. And hopefully going to the farmer's market with friends. I'll be enjoying the summer heat we still have, I hope you will be too!


Also there are so many giveaways happening right now:
Lindsay at Delighted Momma is giving away these fantastic bangles! She made them, and they're fantastic!
Carlee at Deliciously Organized is giving away a new day planner! Wooo!!
Meggan from Lila Grace is giving away an Anthro gift card and this beautiful frame.
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  1. What fun outfits! Love both of them!

  2. Beautiful dresses and I love how you paired these fun shoes to show different looks! Thank you so much for blogging about our giveaway! You are so sweet! Have a fun relaxing weekend - I love Say Yes to the Dress too! xo Meggan

  3. I love that color purple! Cute dresses (:

  4. This is a beautiful color! I can definitely see wearing these outfits to a night-time wedding :)

  5. o! i like the dress on the right! great picks. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  6. love both outfits susan. loving the red heels the most!

  7. Hi i was reading your post, it was such a awesome one specially the snaps well at the end just wanna say nice post thanks. ♥ Headstones | Monuments


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