Monday, August 29, 2011

7 Blessings

Is it just me or did last week kind of feel like a month? Just kidding, but it was a long week, filled with lots of good and bittersweet things. Here's this week's 7 blessings (some things here a little silly to be thankful for, but nonetheless, I am!):

a little girls night in!
mango margarita!
  1. I always forget what a great community I have down here, from my friends to my professors to the families in town. I love being back and catching up with everyone and having a family atmosphere down here, since I always think of mine back home.My brother got back to school safely. He and my dad had a good trip out, and my dad made it back without a problem. I'm so excited for him to be starting out his sophomore year, and I'll even brag about him for a minute: HE GOT A HOLE IN ONE on Saturday! (for all of you non-golf fans out there, hole in ones don't really happen very often!). We're all so excited for him and we knew that all of his hard work would pay off eventually. I hope his game stays the way it is right now! 
  2. Having a Walgreens right across the street! Yes, I'm already started buying throat losenges. Glad to have those at a moment's notice!
  3. Thankfully that little storm called Hurricane Irene did not do as much damage as they anticipated on the Eastern Seaboard. Thank goodness. But still, many homes, towns and individuals were severely affected. I am going to continue to keep them in my thoughts and hope that all stay safe out there. This late summer weather is so finicky. 
  4. Respectful kiddos. This is a sweet bunch of kids, let me tell you! I have never felt so respected by a group of kids ever in my life as much as I have from these kids. They are polite, hysterical, good listeners, and so ready to learn. I hope that other kids learn from these lovelies. They're the best! Let's just say, I've walked out smiling everyday. 
  5. Once again, I keep having continued support from teachers, friends and family, (and those here in the blogosphere). It always brightens my day day to get an email, a text, or a long phone call from those who have always been there for me. I just can't get enough!
  6. Late summer days and nights. I know some people are itching for fall! But I'm still loving all of the fresh food (like that delicious corn I had yesterday at Cornfest!) and beautiful weather for long walks and runs outside, outdoor barbeques and late night chats. Oh, and some fresh fruit margaritas! Yum!
  7. Songs to brighten my day. Thank you Jake Owen, Miranda Lambert, Rascal Flatts, Montgomery Gentry...oh Josh Groban and Michael Bublé!
Here's to a lovely week ladies. And next weekend is a three day weekend! I'm getting excited as you can see. I hope everyone has a productive and fun week ahead!


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