Monday, August 22, 2011

Late Summer Looks

Late Summer in the City

Late Summer in the City by susanhager featuring a cluster necklace

I have to say I'm loving looks that can still say summer while also transition to fall, like this one! I'm in love with this rusty orange, since it's so versatile and of course all of those wide leg jeans we keep seeing. They're so slimming and make your legs look miles long, and I'm loving them with these perfect wedges. Here are a few other looks I think go from summer into fall:

Fall Floral
I have always been a fan of florals, especially skirts like this one that have the color palette of both summer and fall, all depending on what goes on top. This sweater is perfect with the skirt, and the belt gives it a little something extra!

Date Night Fall
I LOVE this lacy dresses for both summer and fall. You can put this beautiful leather jacket over it, add a fun heel, colorful earrings and a clutch to make the most perfect date night silhouette.

So there you have it! Now of course all of these items are WAY out of my budget, but hey, there's nothing wrong with window shopping right? What's your favorite look for fall? Do you have an essential late summer into fall item that is worn all the time? Mine definitely has to be my long Infinity Cardigan. That thing's perfect!

Have lovely Tuesdays! This week just keeps getting busier, but I can handle it. Watch out for later this week I'll give some of my advice on how I'm living well: mind, body and soul!



  1. These items are all lovely! That rust color is so beautiful, especially that top in the first outfit. My late summer essential would have to be cardigans...all of them ;) They're just so practical and work well on chilly nights!

  2. I love items that can transition from one season to another. These are all great picks!

  3. I love these! I would love to have the watch in the first outfit, the skirt in the second, and EVERYTHING in the last!

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