Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A few new (and unusual) things...

So I was having writer's block today. I couldn't think of anything to write about, so I decided I would let someone who knows me best talk about me (also, she's a journalism major, so she actually knows how to write! She's way better than me!). Anyway, here's a few words from my sister Ellen:

Susan constantly quotes tv shows. she uses the same ones over and over again  to the point that i know exactly when she's gonna come in with a line. a couple of her standby's come from "Sex and the City" and "Arthur".

Susan on a normal day
Susan is TERRIBLE at giving stuff away. i have no problem tossing stupid junk gifts that people have given  me as far back as 5th grade and clothes that have gone completely out of style, but Susan is far too overcome with guilt to do so. Some things she just CANNOT let go of include a beyond tacky flamingo picture frame and a super matronly, mid calf length printed skirt she bought her freshman year of high school.

Coffee, chocolate (Oreos, M&M's), peanut butter, Wheat Thins and lemon San Pelegrino. not necessarily in that order.

You can tell anything Susan is thinking just by looking at her. a long time ago i started calling this her "dough face" because it just molds to her thoughts. as a result of this, she is a horrible liar. when she lies, she slightly lifts one of her eyebrows and makes this face that's like, "uhhh, no, i would never do that. duh."

Loungewear is a non-entity for Susan. she does not own a single pair of sweatpants. not one. maybe one pair of yoga pants and a pair of leggings or two (only to be worn to the gym or under tops or skirts of a questionably acceptable length), but that is all. i have never once seen her spend a day bumming around in her pajamas or even an oversized sweatshirt. Maybe it's because i only wear anything with a zipper when going out to dinner and in other extreme scenarios, but the fact that i have never seen her so much as roaming about the house in a pair of flannels on a frigid winters day is just not normal.

Susan talks in musical terms to people who know nothing about music. telling me what "time" and measure a song is played in, as well as identifying various types of scales that are used is routine procedure. She also has perfect pitch. i can yell for her to come downstairs and she can tell me what key i was in.

So maybe this is too much info! I'm "normal" too, I swear, but like all of us, I do have my quirks! After she wrote this, I had to laugh and take it with a grain of salt. I joked and I was like, "So what's the positive stuff?" She said that this is all positive, so I guess that's good then! 

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more interesting things about me today. Is there anything new I should know about you all?



  1. haha! this is great.
    prefect pitch!? that's so awesome.
    i'd love to be able to tell me what key they were talking to me in!


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