Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Roaming in Red

Again, I'm linking up with {av} over at Long Distance Loving to share my Friday's Fancies. I've loved seeing dresses that have a little "Kate Middleton's wedding dress"feel with the sleeves and everything. I love it!

Roaming in Red

I'm loving the shoes!! I'd pair them with anything. And this Inge Christopher bag is the perfect accessory. It's got classic lines with a modern feel: perfect for a day trip to the city or a night out. It's fantastic!

This weekend, I'm packing up and heading back to school for the last time. It's so surreal, it's gone by so fast. I feel like I've grown up a ton more in the past year than when I first started. It's so different now than it was in the beginning, but it's still been a great journey and I can't wait to finish it this year. We're having a family dinner tomorrow night, which will be a great "ending" to my summer (NOW I'm in denial that summer for me is ending). I'll also be tying up a few loose ends with lesson plans and some about me's for my fourth graders this year. It's going to be great!

Happy Friday everyone! Remember to make it a tad bit fancy and special!



  1. Perfect red dress!! Love the clutch too!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. i love this outfit susan! that dress is amazing and i love the neutral accessories you paired with it

  3. Beautiful outfit!! Love the shoes. Have a great family tomorrow the last day of summer? I am going to google it :) Following your cute blog now. Happy Friday!

  4. Such a pretty dress! I love how flowy yet tailored it is. Gorgeous!

  5. Hi i was reading your post, it was such a awesome one specially the snaps well at the end just wanna say nice post thanks. ♥ Headstones | Monuments


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