Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Highlight: lay low

Happy Monday friends! I have to say that I had a very interesting weekend. I heard one of the most beautiful orchestra concerts. When you combine Copland, Barber and Holst all in one concert, good things happen let me tell you! (yes, this is my music obsessed nature coming out, hope you don't mind!). Also, because of an injury I had suffered that had kind of severe consequences (I'm fine now, thank goodness!), I spent a lot of time in my bed watching TV. And eating this:

This was a delicious, delicious calzone. BBQ chicken to be exact. Sometimes you just need one of those comfort nights with hot foot, good friends, and lots of TV (we finished Pan Am and, more importantly, I finished Downton Abbey Season 2. OMG! Wow wow wow. Season 3 needs to come right now!).

On top of that, my friend played a gorgeous piano recital. It was an eventful weekend to say the least, but I am so blessed and thankful that I have friends and family like I do to help me through weekends like this. I can't ever thank them enough for everything they do for me.

Here's to starting this week off on the right foot! (or for me my left foot!)


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