Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: you can be good

I swear, sometimes my Pinterest and I must share the same brain, because literally when I stumbled across this pin, I couldn't believe the irony of it.

My mom and I were just talking about this topic the other night and I couldn't help but pass it on to all of the other perfectionists out there.

Now, I would never consider myself a perfectionist. I'm not a neat freak, and I don't always strive to beat my best mile time, but this year, I have held my expectations for myself way higher than I ever have in my life. Expectations that are almost unattainable. I don't know why this is either. (Now I think it's good to have high expectations, but not higher than what is humanly possible for you)

I've been comparing myself to others, also not a "me" trait, but for some reason I just have. I feel the need to compete with the level that they are at, or achieve just as much as they have. I've spent the last nine months worrying about achieving these standards for myself that are just too darn high, and after chatting with my mom, and other important people in my life, I've realized that you don't have to perfect (I know, what a shocker!).

This is probably one of the most cliché messages ever, so I'm sorry if you're disappointed reading this today. But I think that just being good makes being perfect look bad. There's something sweet about being good and I've definitely lost sight of that. So here's to just being plain good! I think people notice that goodness more, and that just kicks perfection to the back of the line.

Don't be like me ladies. Be good! (or great, great works too. Do you think Steinbeck would mind if I changed the quote? Just kidding!)

Happy Thursday!



  1. haha i have this same problem.. if i start something i want it done perfectly, but sometimes that just gets in the way. always a great reminder!

  2. susan i totally understand the comparison and lately i have been very much guilty of it and i have got to put a stop to it!! it is a no good very bad thing. and nope it isn't cliche it is what we struggle with at times so thank you for being open and honest with us

  3. I have the same option about pinterest. Sometimes I just see quotes and I am like that is just so me or that is the inspiration I need right now.

  4. aw I love it. What a fabulous post! I definitely think it's good to not get caught up in other people's levels. I find that I tend to do that when I work out with people. I start to compete with them & it turns a workout friend into a person that annoys the crap out of me. So sometimes it's better for me to just focus on being good and being myself rather than looking at what other people are doing. Makes me more happier! :) Hope you have a great weekend!!!!


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