Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sweet Sixteen on the 17th

Happy Birthday to my hilarious other half, my littlest sister Mary. It's her SWEET SIXTEEN!

That's her, the big smile in the middle. And isn't she just the biggest fashionista? She has me beat just about every single day of the week. She spent her day actually over the weekend with her two best friends pictured above watching a marathon of Downton Abbey. Classiest 16 year old ever.

I'm so blessed to have had Mar for sixteen years of my life. She has filled our family with so many laughs, smiles and have I mentioned laughs? I'm so proud of everything she is; gorgeous, compassionate, hysterical, unbelievably smart, (a little too)witty, my running partner in crime and she deserves nothing but the best for the next 16. I love you Mary! Happy Birthday!

and just for laughs I'll show you how she adds to our family dynamic...

*keeps smiling while the rest of us are in shambles...
(also I want my CO tan back. That was marvelous!)


  1. aww cute post! She does look pretty stylish haha :)

  2. Awe, you are the sweetest sister ever! Hope she has a fabulous 16th! ;)

  3. I def wouldn't mind being 16 again!

    Happy birthday to her!


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