Thursday, May 23, 2013

I didn't learn this at school!

boy I have not done a good job at this challenge! Things just get in the way! But this was a fun post to write!

Day 23: Fortunately, for me, I have been lucky to go to some pretty amazing schools, from grade school all through college. My parents truly went above and beyond to make sure that I got a great education, including amazing experiences that went along with it and I'm forever grateful for everything I learned at every school I went to. And as much as teachers try, you can't learn everything, so here's what school hasn't taught me: sense of style! I went to Catholic school, so it took me until I was about 19 to really figure out what my style was and what fit my personality (let's just say that my high school sister now is way more fashion forward/stylish than I was in high school!). It took some getting used to, but now, almost five years later, I've figured it out. And I love it! to master the perfect cup of coffee. Sorry Starbucks, but I think I have you beat! My hot morning cup brings a smile to my face and I learned that perfection all on my own, with lots of trials and errors of course. Oh and my number one tip, get a foamer for your milk! It's a game changer.

found here to stay organized. I'm way more organized now than I was even during my college years, and even though it's taken awhile to master, I feel like I have more balance, from writing everything down, to putting my laundry away right away. I still have more to work on, but I'd say I'm getting there!

Ok, your turn! What have you not learned at school? Anything important the rest of us need to know?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes on the coffee. A piss poor pit of coffee irks me to no end.


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