Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fancies: Floral Frenzy

Happy Friday! We went from days with 80+ degree temps to 40 degrees with wind chills in the 30s. Yuck! I'm getting over whatever this sickness/allergies is: a sinus infection with partial, mild vertigo. Have you ever had vertigo? It's the weirdest feeling! I feel like that Alfred Hitchcock movie! Anyway, moving on.

floral blazer

So I haven't fully jumped on the floral trend just yet. I like it, but I'm afraid to jump all in. I do have a button down from Old Navy that I love and wear to work all the time, but it seems different in a blazer. I love this blazer with jeans, just dressed down and functional. Plus it's perfect for these cooler temperatures that we can't get rid of yet! Those boots are per-fection! Love them! They'd be perfect for summer, no?

We're heading up for a quick trip to Wisconsin for some R&R, fish and chips, and some good ol' Amish donuts. Have the best weekend everybody! Go visit Long Distance Loving

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