Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fancies: Stripes!

So much for blogging every day in May! This gets difficult, I tell ya! One thing that's never difficult: Friday Fancies! The theme is stripes and as I sit here I just happen to be wearing one of my favorite striped tops. You can never go wrong with a stripe! Though it is sometimes difficult to find the right stripe that flatters your body, if you put in the leg work, it's totally worth it.

It took me awhile to catch on to the whole striped cotton dress. Why? No clue because I think that it's one of the cutest little dresses to have in your closet. It can go everywhere with you!


I wore mine to work the other day with my Nike tennis shoes on and I still thought I was rockin it! But this all comes together with a great denim jacket (I've worn mine so many times already, and it's only May!) and yes, I'm sorry, bear with me while I dream about these cute Kate Spade purses with the phrases on them. This is why it's Friday Fancies, correct? I've grown up in a family of golfers and this is just too cute to resist, especially with stripes, no?

I have a rather busy weekend ahead, but tonight we are finally going turtle racing! We've been talking about it for months, but now finally we're going for the turtles! Hopefully one of us will win/be able to race one! Enjoy spring wherever you are! Pop on over for more stripes at Long Distance Loving!


  1. i LOVE that dress and the par for the course bag! so cute!

  2. LOVE this! That bag is a perfect addition!

  3. Loving the jacket with the dress and bag!


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