Saturday, May 4, 2013

Favorite Quote

This is a tough one.

I love quotes, I won't lie! So to ask me to pick a favorite, well that's difficult.

My favorite quote has changed over the years because I think at different points in my life are different quotes that resonate most with what's happening with me personally. As I have gotten older, I always try to remember this first quote:

Everyone personally has struggles. Life has many bright, light, happy, joyful moments, but life is also full of challenges and trials, and I try to always remember that if someone is having a hard day or not acting the way I think they could act. It's kind of like never judging a book by its cover. Everyone is fighting a hard battle, so I just always take a step back.

And then there is this. If I have my faith, I know that anything is possible.

What quote is your favorite? Your go-to? 

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