Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: an Irish blessing

Around this time of year when many of us embrace our Irish heritages (or just pretend to be Irish, that's cool too!), I'm always reminded of this blessing that I learned a really long time ago. Originally, it was just a hymn that we sang in children's choir. Now, it has a lot more meaning to me. I see it as a tale of friendship and good wishes for someone else, or it can even be for yourself. Maybe this is because I've been watching too many romantic movies (and am up WAY too late!), but at this hour it's seeming very romantic to me!

Whenever I hear it, it just makes me smile (and I don't think you have to be Irish to appreciate it. My mom's heard it often enough and she still likes it! Not one ounce of my Irishness comes from her!). Share it with a friend this week, or just use it as a reminder for yourself. I wish all of you this blessing and more this week.

I'm excited for more Irish pride coming tomorrow for Friday's Fancies! I love this holiday!



  1. So excited for tomorrows FF! Can't wait to celebrate this weekend :)

  2. LOVE this!! And I just love this holiday, although it might be because my birthday shares the day with the Irish. :)

    Keep Shining,

  3. This is such a comforting blessing and saying. Enjoy celebrating your Irish heritage!


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