Monday, March 19, 2012


I don't know anything that tastes fresher than a Waldorf salad! I had one at Potbelly's over the weekend, and it was delicious. This one's "skinny" and looks delicious! What says spring more than fresh food? I don't know what does!

And this post is prompted by me watching The Chew on my lunch break. Do you watch it? I love this show! They're all about what's fresh and springy, so I couldn't help but post something that always tastes fresh to me! What's your go to spring salad? What is the most fresh tasting food you love in the spring?

Hope everyone had fabulous weekends! I took pictures of my green latte but couldn't get them with me today, but I did enjoy the wonderful St. Patty's day weather over the weekend. Hope you all did too! 

P.S. It's 80 degrees. 80. Cue a spring dress!



  1. yuuum! love waldorf salads! i usually ask for the dressing on the side because most places go nuts with it, but it's delish! yay for warm weather! xo

  2. I love all kinds of salads. And Im SO jealous of your 80 never gets that warm here!

  3. This looks amazing!!! I need some warmth in my life. Trade places? Love your blog!


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