Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Truly Terrific Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Goodness I cannot believe that this is the last week of June! That only means one thing: school starts in a month and a half (not like I'm counting or anything...). But I've been embracing summer to its fullest! A busy weekend was spent eating fresh corn at the Taste of Chicago (and I tried some new foods too, like goat. It tastes like chicken for those who wonder!). It was so delicious and we had a fantastic time!

Sunday was a surprise bridal shower for my friend who is getting married in two weeks. My friends did a great job organizing it for her and it was a great time had by all with old and new friends. My mother and I were pretty competitive in the shower games, but all in good fun! Maybe I had a few too many bridal shower cookies...

Yesterday was quality time spent with my dad at the golf course. My brother was playing in a big tournament at a really nice country club out in the western suburbs. It was a beautiful day, I got a nice (and healthy!) suntan and my dad and I walked up and down the course watching my brother's every stroke. He can really hit the ball, it was really fun to watch! Ending with Alum Choir that night is always the best way to end my Monday!

I also tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe! I'm an addict ok, but I do share! I gave this last batch to my uncle who is one of our family's biggest cookie connoisseurs and he approved. I absolutely loved these with coffee and I will definitely make them again! They're called Tate's Chocolate Chip cookies and the recipe hails from a bakery in Southampton. They're really easy and delicious so let me know if you try them!

I'll be spending the rest of the day outside with another Nicholas Sparks novel (because I am such a hopeless romantic). Hope you all enjoy the end of the June summer sun!



  1. Ooohhh I will definitely be trying that recipe! Sounds like a great weekend!

    PS you still have plenty of time before school starts!!!!

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