Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 Summer Bucket List

Jillian from cornflake dreams has such a fantastic blog (it's a daily read of mine!) and last week she came up with the idea of creating a Summer Bucket List blog linkup. I thought it was a fantastic idea! It's so cool to see what other people are wanting to accomplish over these short summer months, and I did not want to miss my opportunity to share my list as well! So here it goes:

Become a better cook (I'm trying here people! but I definitely need more work)
homemade mac n cheese!
via the pioneer woman cooks
Get back into playing tennis (and maybe this year I can finally perfect my serve)

(Somewhat) redecorate and reorganize my room

Explore the wonders of Colorado and hike in the beautiful mountains
Do more DIY projects (sew another dress, start the afghan I've been dying to try, make more jewelry)
Practice the piano...goal: recital!
Ravinia concerts with my Dad
FINALLY develop pictures that have been sitting in my computer for (sadly) years...
Spend more quality time with the people I love most


  1. I love Ravinia! We are going twice this summer and I can't wait! Hall & Oats and Chicago!

  2. Oh hiking in Colorado sounds amazing!!

    I never was a good server playing tennis! haha Guess I should brush up on those skills too! ;)

  3. That mac & cheese looks yummy! Good luck with your tennis serve :)

    xx Ivana

  4. id love to learn how to play tennis! that mac and cheese looks so tasty :) and Ravinia is my fave!! great list :) thanks for linking up! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. I'm hoping to work on my cooking skills too this summer! I might be a lost cause though :) Great summer list!

  6. I AGREE with you on the becoming a better cook :D And, I've never had the chance to learn tennis - maybe I'll have to live vicariously through you!

  7. Thanks for all sweet comments ladies! I love hearing from you :)

  8. Those are some great goals! That mac n cheese looks delicious! It's always best when it's made homemade!

  9. Looks like a great bucket list! Hiking through Colorado? Sign me up!

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