Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday!...and some room inspiration

Well, it's Friday again! Happy weekend everyone! I have to say I'm looking forward to a night in with one of my best friends watching The Bachelorette and eating lots of homemade goodies. And speaking of homemade goodies, I made BBQ chicken pizza last night!! It was such a success and my whole family loved it! Now, I am horrible at taking pictures while I cook, so unfortunately I don't have any to show you. But hopefully, when I make it again, I'll remember  to take some. It is absolutely delicious and is something that everyone should try their hand at if they love pizza like I do. Let's just say, have some good BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, provelone cheese and a really good crust (I used Ina Garten's recipe, so yummy!).

Also, today I have started seriously looking at some inspiration for my bedroom makeover. At first, I thought I wanted a bright color, but now, after looking in some magazines and having some blog browsing, I want a neutral or cool toned wall, and very soft bedding. This morning I got lost in House Beautiful Magazine's one hundred bedrooms! So fun! Here were some of my favorites:
I love the bright pillows with the white bedding and cool wall
Definitely something I'm interested in!
Image via
I love love LOVE the shutters
It really does have a cool, beach feel
I love the white with the green accents here
and of course if I could have that chandelier! if only...
So so far that's what's been inspiring me! If anyone has any other suggestions about where I should look for fun ideas, let me know!
Happy Weekend! Hopefully this stubborn Midwestern weather will behave itself!

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