Friday, June 24, 2011

Cool Consignment

You can ask any of my friends and they would admit how much I love clothes and dressing as best I can. I have really enjoyed finding fun pieces and casually "dressing up" everyday (I guess the fact that I wore a uniform from grade school all through high school has really made me enjoy dressing cute like I thought all normal people did who didn't wear uniforms!). Occasionally, I like to make bigger purchases that will last awhile like a quality trench or my guilty pleasure: an insanely comfy, cute sweater because you just can't go wrong!

Right now, however, those guilty pleasures are out of my budget so I'm sticking to shopping for cool pieces at cheap prices. Consignment stores are the best places to find quality items at low prices (and I'm talking LOW prices, it's fabulous!). Yesterday my sisters and I went to our local store and although we had to do lots of digging, we had some amazing finds. My finds:
2 Brooks Brothers button down shirts $9 each
an Anne Klein Cream Linen Blazer $34 (it was originally retailed at $320...the original price tags were still on, so it's never been worn!)

Blazer: Anne Klein Belt: Vintage Coach. Necklace: Forever 21 
Fantastic, right? And this store happened to have everything 25% off too! So if you are on a budget like me, or just like finding different pieces to spice up your wardrobe, shop consignment! (If you're not a believer yet, it's ok, because I wasn't too keen on it for awhile, but I've turned around. It really is great!) You may have to dig around to find something cute, but don't give up!
Also, I found other cool consignment tips here at Little Girl, Big World, so check up and get her nice insight!

Happy Weekends everyone!


  1. Love your necklace! I am your newest follower


  2. love the outfit! white blazers are a personal favorite!

  3. Wow, I can't believe you scored that jacket! I am so jealous!!!!!

  4. this look is perfect. nicely done

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