Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CHICAGO in Chicago!

Ahhh so I am such a theatre fan, especially Broadway in Chicago shows! (I love musical theatre, if I haven't mentioned that before!) I've never been to New York so I don't know what real Broadway is like, but I like to think that the quality is just as good (or even better!) as the shows in New York. I love the lights, the music, and of course getting all dolled up!

Tonight we saw CHICAGO!! My sisters and I have been fans of the show for years so to finally see it live was a thrill. It was seriously too fantastic for words! Of course, I was in the second to last row of the whole theatre, but I was still able to see it pretty well. The dancing was out of this world and I was in love with the band (especially the pianist! I give him lots of credit since it's an incredibly demanding piano part. So fantastic) But really, when "All the Jazz" started to play, I literally was bouncing up and down in my seat, I was so so excited. It was ridiculously entertaining and funnier than I ever imagined it being. Overall, it was a fantastic production. It's only in town until Sunday so if you're in town, go see it!

That being said, another part of my little advice is to take time to enjoy some theatre. Whether it's a big production or just a high school or community theatre production, you can't go wrong. In my mind, I think seeing theatre every once and a while is good for the soul. Yes that is probably the corniest thing I have ever written, but there's something about a bunch of people banding together to put on a big production. I don't know, I just love it!

This has definitely been one of my favorite shows I have ever seen! Do you have a favorite?


Oh and also I just wanted to share a picture of me and Ellen at the show, both looking awesome if I am allowed to say that! (Mary looked awesome too, but she took the photo!)

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