Thursday, June 9, 2011

the little things...

What an awesome night! I just had my first Peach Ice Cream Cone of the summer from my favorite local place. OHMYGOSH it was so fantastic! If you've never had peach ice cream before, you have to try it. Such a fantastic summer flavor. I'd recommend getting it from a local creamery, that way it's the freshest it can possibly be. Seriously, one cone will do you in! So good, let me know if you try any!

Also last night I experienced something I never have before: I felt the weather change. The midwest has been going through a brutal (yet awesome!) heat wave the past few days. I'm talking upper 90s with heat indexes in the 100s. It's been HOT! So people have been escaping to the beaches like crazy. Well last night, Ellen, C and I took our ice cream to the beach for a walk. The water was FREEZING! Eventually (even though I tried to run), Ellen pushed me in. I attempted to push her in, but in my attempts I would only fall in the water again. C helped me out and pushed her in, so we all got dunked in. I have to say, even though it was cold, it felt so good! Just what I needed.

As we kept walking to the other side of the beach, we saw lightning that was pretty far away. We knew storms were coming, but we decided to just sit and look out into the dark, calm lake. Once we started to walk back, we passed the guard that said "Those winds have started to come, huh?" and we all agreed with him, even though we didn't feel any wind. Within two seconds of passing him, the winds started blowing so hard and the sand was beating against the backs of our legs. It hurt! But it was really cool to see all of the sand blowing and the waves blowing all to one side. I'm just glad we weren't walking the other way!

But if you've never felt the weather change like that, you should! It's pretty cool and it's something you'll never forget. I just want the heat back now!



  1. Confession: I've totally never had peach ice cream before...

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