Monday, June 20, 2011

Fussy Friendships

Ahh, what a whirlwind of a weekend! It definitely went by too fast because it was extremely packed! Between Father's Day and my mom's birthday, there was lots to prepare but it was all worth it in the end. Also this weekend, I got to spend a day with one of my favorite girls! I missed her a lot but we definitely had a fun experience: biking around town, walking up and down the lake and drinking coffee from my favorite place. Lots and lots of exercise! I was so sore the next day, but we had a fantastic time.

But her visit (among other experiences lately with my friends) have definitely made me think more about the concept of friendship. Friendship, I think, is one of the greatest blessings that we have in our lives, but can also be extremely challenging. There comes a point in time where one needs to evaluate in her head what she wants out of friendships, how she can be a better friend, and probably the hardest question we have to ask: are some friendships worth it?

I'm not going to lie and say that I do not get invested in my friends and what happens in their lives. I do, and I care very much about all of them. I like to be involved and help as much as I can because I care about them. However, sometimes (and this may seem selfish, but at the end of the day I have learned that we cannot always neglect ourselves) I don't always get what I give. I can't believe I said that because it sounds horrible, but sometimes it's the truth.

There comes a point where we all need to reflect on our best friendships. Why are they so good? Why do they make us happy? Is it an equal give and take? Then we need to think about our other friendships and relationships. What have we gotten out of them? Are we just in them for the other person and not for ourselves? Are we wasting our time with people that are not worth our time and do not treat us in ways that we need to be treated?

This may be hard to swallow, but we all deserve to be the happiest we can be. We need to surround ourselves with people who care just as much for us as we do for them. I am so thankful that I have such marvelous friends who do such a good job "taking care of me" (and hopefully they could say the same for me!).

So tell your friends today just how much you appreciate them! It's something that they only hear every so often, and means so much. And for those of us who have those people that are stringing us along, take some time to reflect on if the individual is worth how awesome we are! (because we all are, don't deny it!)

Happy Monday!



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  2. Dear Susan,
    I know I may not tell you all the time, and when I do it probably sounds like a joke, but I really and truly value both you and our friendship. You're always there for me when I break down and when the stress just gets to be too much, and I appreciate that SO MUCH! If you ever need anything or anyone, I'm just a phone call/text message/carrier pigeon away. I love you a lot, Susan. You are exactly the type of friend that I aspire to be.


  3. Oh my gosh Brianna thank you! How sweet of you! I am so touched and I really appreciate your friendship, it means a lot. Same goes, whenever you need me, I'm here. Thanks for reading (and your lovely comment too :)

  4. I'm upset that me helping you get on top of the cool kids monkey bars was not mentioned.

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