Thursday, June 30, 2011

Curly Inspiration

Today I thought I would share where inspiration has been striking me lately. Well, it has been coming from blogging, strangely enough. More specifically, it has been coming from all of you fabulous bloggers out there! I love seeing everyone's different ideas and how creative all of these women really are, like Taylor from Curly in the City.

Taylor's Clutch
Cute, right? I thought so too!
Image via Curly in the City
My first attempt
Tan with navy
Love it!
I stumbled upon her blog a few months ago and I absolutely loved her style, her point of view and the recipes/DIY projects she put up. She also started making these clutches this past spring and I thought they were absolutely fantastic! I was literally about to buy one from her Etsy shop when I thought to myself, if she could make these, maybe I could too! So my mom went to the fabric store and together we have started making these clutches. I have worn them both and I absolutely love them for summer!

You'll be seeing this for sure in my outfits for the long weekend! It's so perfect and I love it!

So (if you ever read this), thanks Taylor for the inspiration and for "showing" me how to make these clutches. They're really fun! You can find the directions here.

And to all of you other bloggers out there, I'm inspired by you all everyday. Thanks for sharing your creativity and stories with me! It's really so much fun.

Get ready for more Fourth of July food, fun and flair to come throughout the weekend!



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