Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekend Highlight: Post Holiday

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having lovely three day weekends for those of you who have them, how wonderful they are! I hope everyone is enjoying the start to 2012! My mom, dad, little sister and I enjoyed a great start to the year by going to the Chicago Botanic Gardens and seeing their Winter Wonderland Express exhibit. It's a model train exhibit with sets completely made out of plants and reusable materials. It was exquisite!

On top of the trains rolling by above our heads, there were Chicago landmarks everywhere! Recognize any of these? It was fantastic!

We took down our tree, packed up some Christmas items and I also watched my final viewing of The Holiday for this season. I have a hard time letting go of holidays, so I thought watching The Holiday would be nice closure!

How were your weekends? How did you ring in the New Year?

Here's to getting back to "normal!"



  1. My sister went and loved the exhibit!

  2. So fun! We did the same thing in dc! Happy New Year Susan!

  3. What a fun exhibit! Amazing what they can do with plants! I am glad you had a great weekend, we laid low all weekend and it was great! Definitely trying to recover from all the travel around Christmas. Happy New Year! xoxo

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