Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If the shoe fits...

Who doesn't love shoes? They are absolutely, without a doubt the perfect addition to an outfit to make something go from casual to a bit dressy, or vice versa. Because it's all ok to peek every now and then, here's a pair that I would definitely go for:

image via my pinterest

I know, they're simple. But seriously I'm loving this color! Perfect for jeans, a cute pencil skirt, or maybe even to dress up that lovely suit that I have to put on today for a teacher fair. Color to spruce up something like a suit is key! It separates the working women from...well other working women! But color is always nice!

 What do you think about suits? One of my guy friends told me that he thinks women look sexy in suits. What would you say? Do you feel good in a suit? I say it depends! Sometimes it can look cute, other times it can be frumpy. It's all about attitude! Add a smile, some cute shoes, a little bit of eye makeup and maybe even a hint of sparkle somewhere and you're good to go! So I'll be suiting up sans these cute shoes, but I'll still make it work! (I know this will be my first of many fairs to come, so maybe these wouldn't be such a bad purchase after all!)

Hope you all have wonderful Wednesdays! Week's half over!


  1. They are gorgeous and a great classic!

  2. Susan, these shoes are amazing! Love the heel, shape and color! I like suits that have a great fit. I bought my first "power suit" as I called it for my first big job interview and I still wear it to this day! I like taking the jacket, rolling up the sleeves and pairing it with jeans! I hope your teacher fair went well friend! xo

  3. these are so cute!!!! As for your question about suits, I love them if they look tailored. If you buy suits that don't fit you just look frumpy and like you're trying to hard. Suits are great when they fit and you pair them with a bright colored blouse and some pretty but simple jewelry!!!(: And as for the post above, thats the great thing about suits! You can take the jacket and wear it out with jeans or take the skirt and wear it with a cute sweater!!


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