Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mad about Plaid!

Who says that plaid has to be gone when the holidays are? I could see this staple going on all winter long! I'm really surprised that the only plaid I have is in a pajama top. Who knows? Maybe my friends will be seeing that top out this week! (Cold temps are coming back people! I'm kind of thankful really. Mother Nature has been playing tricks on me!)

Pups need plaid too!
Source: via Carlo on Pinterest
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

I know, you're probably thinking, wow Susan, yesterday you were telling us how to beat winter and now you're telling us how to embrace it with wintery plaid? Sorry ladies, I love this trend! If snow is coming, that means plaid. ASAP! (Good thing I need some for my show this weekend. Guess I'll be headed out to find some!)



  1. Gorgeous photos, how cute is that pup?! :)

  2. Love plaid too! I finally invested in a cute tartan shirt when they were on sale at JCrew this year! Definitely a classic print! xoxo

  3. Love that first pic. We had a Bernese Mountain dog when we first got married (but he got sick and died at age 3), but seriously, the BEST dogs in the world!

  4. i love the plaid on the dog! so cute! and those nails are gorgeous

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