Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review

My family and I, if not on New Years a few days before, always recap our year and recount our trials and tribulations (mostly tribulations and great events!). It has been a year of great opportunity and blessings and I can't believe the year has come to a close. Here's a few events that made my top list:

My sister and I chaperoned my little sister's first high school formal

My friends and I got to sing in front of the Goodman Theatre and meet Glee's Matthew Morrison (aka Will Schuster!)

My family and I took a two week trip to Colorado. We hiked in the mountains, explored canyons, ran a river and took a 7 hour train trip through the mountains. 

We had a girls day and got to have drinks on the 16th floor of the Trump!

We got to see Chicago in Chicago!

I completed my student teaching. Job search: here we go!
I got myself in shape and feel better than ever. I know that every day counts and looking and feeling my best is oh so important. 

I started my blog in May and I absolutely love it. It's been a fantastic place for me to share my thoughts, take risks, relax, and spend time meeting new people. I appreciate every single one of you who read, comment or email here on the blog. It means the world and I cannot wait to keep this going in 2012. I love reading what you all have to say and I can't even say how much it means that you share that same courtesy with me. 

Happy 2012!! I wish you all health, happiness, joy and peace this new year. Be safe tonight and enjoy ringing in the new year!


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