Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Being grateful: it's something at this time of year that we often forget. Heck, many times we are giving, but we're being greedy in our giving. Trying to out-give other people or even out-give our own selves. We have to be grateful for our ability to give and be grateful that we have people in our lives to give gifts to. Gratitude truly turns what we have into enough. So take a step back and be grateful.

I know what I am truly grateful for: my brother's home and all of us are now all home for the holidays. I'm grateful for my good health this year and good health of those around me. I'm grateful for the friends that have given me advice and lots of laughs. I'm grateful that there is always something to eat, and it's usually delicious. I'm grateful that there's an outlet for me to share my thoughts, and I'm grateful to all of your for reading.

I'm truly grateful, and for that I have enough.

Happy Thursday!


P.S. If you're in Chicago, go see A Christmas Story the Musical at the Chicago Theatre. Ellen and I went last night for her work and I thought it was hilarious and so cute!


  1. I saw this earlier today and haven't stopped thinking about it. SO SO TRUE!! What a perfect reminder for the hectic holiday season :)

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