Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fashion Confession

Ok, well this isn't my deepest, darkest confession, but I still think it's kind of silly that I do not possess these.

I do not own any skinny jeans.



Never have.

Actually it is kind of sad, right? Skinny jeans have been popular for like what 5 years and I'm still behind on the curve! I am just the hardest jean shopper on the planet. It's almost as if jeans aren't meant to fit me right. So my question to all: where did you begin?

I'll take any advice I can get! Truly, this isn't a life or death situation at all. But after seeing lots of pinspiration and all of you beautiful bloggers rocking your skinnies, I need to finally bite the bullet and get a pair! Where did you get your favorite pair?

Here's some inspiration that really is making me want to put a pair at the top of my wish list:

Ahh the inspiration!! Can you believe I've waited this long to not have a pair? I'll take that advice! What's the comfiest, most flattering pair?

 Happy Tuesday!



  1. Hey, its never too late! My fav pair is from Joe's Jeans. I would definitely recommend getting a pair with a little stretch.

  2. we have such similar tastes! I lovvvve the classic white top, the great chuunky sweaters... fall fashion is the best!

  3. God those Emerson Made ones are incredible. Now I want a pair.

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