Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Highlight: Giving Back

This weekend was full of recovery. It was nice to finally feel well again, thank goodness. I was happy to get home to family and friends and have some quality sister time.

I must say though, the highlight of this weekend was definitely giving back. A few friends and I have a singing group together and we wanted to Christmas Carol at some nursing homes in our area. We performed some holiday favorites and then talked with the residents. They were so happy to see us, but I was even happier just to be there. They do not get many visitors, so many were even brought to tears that we were stopping by (which in turn made all of us cry. See a pattern?!). Talking with them and hearing stories of their pasts made all of us even happier to arrive at our futures. The one foreign lady who worked there even wished us happy holidays and even wished us all good husbands! We laughed, cried, and were so thankful that we were given the opportunity to go and visit with these people and we definitely want to go back this spring.

Have you given back in some way? How do you give back in your community?

Happy Monday!! 13 days til Christmas!



  1. Only 13 days? Oh my goodness! The time has been flying! How sweet that you and your singing group went caroling! I know they really enjoyed it! Have a great week and glad you are feeling better :)

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