Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Closet Cleanse

Ok, we all know that with New Years resolutions come new goals. One of mine is always to clean out my closet to know what I need the most and purge what I haven't found use for as of late. I always give my donations to a box at our church that gives to people who need clothing. Who else cleans out their closets for the New Year?

I'm trying to stick with basics and accessories as much as possible, so here's one of those lists on Pinterest with the 50 best items every woman needs:

Who has these basics? Anything you'd love to have that you're missing? The One Hundred by Nina Garcia also has the 100 items that every woman needs. Honestly, it's a great read and a great way to figure out what you really NEED in your closet.

Happy Closet Cleanse!



  1. I love these kind of lists! I think I am going to take this into my closet too :) I really want a classic pearl necklace!

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