Thursday, May 17, 2012

We're unique, but we're not alone

Some of you maybe are familiar with this wonderful movement that was originally started by Jess and then was made into a major movement this week by Meg. It's called Things I'm Afraid to Tell You. What I've learned from reading what so many ladies are afraid of is that although we are each unique, individual women, we all have similar fears. Yes, they are each catered to our own lives, but I've found that we're not alone. In most of the posts and the comments that I have read, we share common threads.

We tend to compare ourselves to others and not think we're good enough or pretty enough. We blame ourselves for being disorganized and sometimes think that we are not independent enough. We think that we are meant for something more and are sometimes unsure of what we want to pursue, and that it changes more than we were ever hoping it to. We are self conscious of what we write and publish for others to read. We feel guilt about relationships with friends and family and significant others that are not what we want them to be. We don't always accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. But we are one thing, we're not alone. 

I'm not going into depth about things I'm afraid to tell you, because I think maybe you have an idea of what I am afraid of. They include different specifics of everything of the above paragraph, and a lot of the time I think that I'm alone in my fears. But because of this week I've found that I'm not alone. We are not and we shouldn't feel bad about it all. The posts by Liz, Jess, Nikki, Caitlin, and Carly struck a chord with me and visit Meg for the full list of bloggers who posted. 

I don't know a lot, but I do know that we are more than what we are afraid of. We are bigger than all of it and worth more too. And sometimes, we find that our fears motivate us to be better. We are all connected and we can all relate. Never feel alone in what you are afraid of. I think that this movement is a great reminder of that. 

Happy Thursday,



  1. I loved reading all of the posts. All of them were so honest and real. It was such a refreshing change in the blog world. :)

  2. Ive seen these posts floating around, very interesting for sure. Bloggers have a tendancy to show their very best sides, so I think it is a positive thing to shed light on our insecurities as well. Great post!

  3. Nice life lesson!! This was such a soulful post, thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    I'll tell you what - I'm afraid of not succeeding while doing a big career change (currently). But you're right- we are NOT alone.

    Thanks for the reminder- super motivating to hear.

    Cathy Trails


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