Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Style those Jewels!

All of my family and friends know that I absolutely love jewelry! I love classic pieces and big statement necklaces and stacks of bangles and colorful earrings (all of course never in one outfit, but you get my drift!). Last week I mentioned that I was cleaning out my closet and it looks great! It was fantastic to get rid of the things that just sat there, and organize the pieces that I did in weight and color order. I feel so much better. Now I have just a few projects left in my room and one of them is to organize my jewelry.

I took some time earlier yesterday, just for fun, rummaging through old Glitter Girls articles on The Glitter Guide. These are just my favorites to read, because, for a few minutes, you get to see the lives of these girls who live these high powered lives and have fantastic blogs, plus their closets and homes are absolutely gorgeous. The photography is amazing and I just love seeing how they organize their jewels. Yes, we've probably all seen images like these before, but I can't help but get inspired that maybe my jewels can be styled this well:

Ok, so some of them are a bit over the top, but I do love how these ladies style their jewels. Jewelry just looks prettier when it's arranged in pretty ways: no knots, no fuss, just gorgeous jewels serving their purpose. How do you style yours? Do you use saucers? Egg trays? I'd love to know to get some advice for my future desk! (and when I say desk I mean my bay window sill. I have no room for a desk!)

Happy Wednesday everyone!



  1. You can never go too over the top with jewelry! They are SO beautiful! Now I wish I could transform mine into something this gorgeous! x

  2. love all these pretty ways to organize/display your jewels!

  3. Such pretty inspiration! Especially love that first one!!! I style my necklaces by hanging them in the bathroom on the wall side by side, like they each have their own nail. It's an easy way to add some sparkle to the wall :)

  4. Love the inspiration. I have a lot of mine styled in little Anthropologie measuring cups.

  5. I myself use a gigantic jewelry box. Which may or may not be hogging quite a bit of space atop my dresser. But I love the idea of using trays, and hanging necklaces on the corners of frames! (And also, sidenote, "windowsill of a bay window" sounds like a fantastically romantic "desk" if ever I heard of one!)


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