Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've done it

disclaimer: I am no model! Sorry for all of you lovely people who do outfit photos so beautifully!

My friends, I have done it. After years and years of searching, I finally found the perfect pair of jeans!

Ok, in all technicalities, I didn't. My sister did. But still! They are here!

I know, I said this last time, and it didn't work. But this time, I know it's true!

I've mentioned before that jeans are difficult for me. I have wider hips and bigger, kind of muscular-ish legs, and let me tell you it is not the must fun combination on the planet for jeans. Jeans I have bought in the past stretch out, or I have a tendency to buy them too big in the first place, but now I think I have finally bought them to fit perfectly.

I got them at a boutique in Evanston (if any of you Chicagoans haven't been to The Mexican Shop on Dempster, GO!), and they're Just USA brand. I swear, I probably should go back and grab myself a few more pairs in other colors, since the price was perfect and I feel amazing in them.

So now I know what I've been missing all of these years. So how about you? Do you have those jeans that just make you feel incredible? Where did you get them?

and I just had to take pictures of the day we had yesterday! Gorgeous!



  1. Love your new jeans! I never understand how people post such fabulous fashion posts either!

  2. Love the new jeans! I definitely need to stop by that store soon!

  3. work. it.

    congrats on finding "the ones!"


  4. Congrats of your awesome find! My favorites are nearing the end of their wearablility (is that even a word?) which makes me so sad, I'm also on the hunt!


  5. Cute look! Loving your striped top! The color is too fun!


  6. They look fabulous!!!!! Love them and am so jealous....I long for the perfect pair of jeans!


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