Wednesday, May 23, 2012

They return!

So the summer temps are back! I instantly want to put on shorts, a t shirt and layer on a few friendship bracelets. I was so happy that last year they made a return in such a big way. Well this year is no exception! They are back and better than ever.

In fact, I've found that this year, the friendship bracelet is taking many different forms. Which is your favorite?

Stripes and Sequins also has been making a ton of friendship bracelets lately, like the last image with the ball chain.!

 These are all DIY and my biggest summer goal is to do more projects and I would definitely put a few of these on my list! What's your new favorite? Are you a traditionalist? Or do you want to branch out? I definitely am a fan of the wrapped chain with the colored thread or the ones with the charms in the middle. Choices choices... Maybe I'll just be ambitious, make one of each and then have a friendship stack for the summer!


all images via my Pinterest


  1. The 4th image down is my fave! I'm def going to have to look into DIY-ing that one!!! The 1st image, I use to make those and sell them in middle school. LOL xoxo A-

  2. ohh I love the 2nd ones! Very cute!

  3. The 2nd and 4th images are my favorites! Love the DIY too. I'll have to try it out :)

    xoxo, me

  4. The third ones are adorable! Love all the bright colors in them!


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