Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I finished the SMASH finale last night. Ahh it was wonderful. I'm so sad that I have to wait until the fall to know why they completely left me hanging! It's ridiculous how much of a cliffhanger it was. If you haven't watched the season yet, watch it. The finale was for sure my favorite! Katharine McPhee really made this show a Bombshell.
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But this beautiful Marilyn outfit that Katharine McPhee sported was such a stunner. I couldn't help but wonder how this look could be brought to 2012. The Met Gala was last week and I feel like we saw so many gorgeous images. If I could've gone to the Met Gala, it would've been so fun to do a Marilyn inspired look. So here's Katharine McPhee's Marilyn, but a more modern version. 

Smash look

This one shoulder, gold sequined beauty is such a stunner and she wore a cuff on each wrist, how classy! The red lips make the look and I wished last night that I could've been Katharine McPhee, wearing an outfit like this, singing my heart out. Yes, I just admitted that to all of you. I'm that cliché!

Did you watch it? Love it? Hate it? Would you do a Marilyn inspired look? It's bold, but I'd attempt!



  1. You know what? I think I really would go for the bold Marilyn look even though I look completely different compared to her! I'm a brunette, dark-skinned, and Asian but I could never say no to red lipstick ;)

    Will have to check this one out! I found your blog and first time reader. Going to follow it because I adore the photos. If you have a moment, peep mine:

    Cathy Trails

    Looking forward to reading more!

  2. I've never actually seen that show...I kept meaning to, then I never got around to it :/ I love the wrist cuff idea, I've been really obsessed with cuffs lately :) That dress Katherine McFee is wearing is stunning!

  3. I tried to get into SMASH, but only got through 1-2 episodes and figured it wasn't for me. Oh I love that dress you found! So pretty! xoxo A-

  4. We didn't watch this...not sure why. But love your Smash inspired look!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. I have not watched it. I have stopped watching a lot of tv. (Probably a good thing because I was a junkie!) I love this look though. So gorgeous!


  6. I have not watched the finale yet! I can't wait, I'm not sure if it's up on hulu yet, which is what I watch it on.


  7. This is a BEAUTIFUL look, and I would totally wear it. I started watching Smash at the beginning of the season, but I couldn't keep up because it doesn't come on until 10:00! This is a sure sign that I'm getting old. And I like that you admitted that you could've been Katharine McPhee, because when I did watch it, I definitely wished the same thing!

  8. Gorgeous look. I don't think I could pull it off...but I say go for it! :)

  9. Wasn't the finale awesome?! I would totally see it in the theater if they actually made a 'real' Bombshell...

    Keep Shining,


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