Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vocal for The Voice

This is kind of a video heavy post, but I was just so moved that I had to share!

So here's the deal: I LOVE THE VOICE!

This season has been so fantastic! So many incredible voices every week, but my favorites throughout the whole competition have definitely been two of the four that have ended up in the finale: Chris Mann and Jermaine Paul.

Now, if you don't watch The Voice, Chris is an opera singer who has never had the opportunity to hit it big, though he had an EP a few years ago. He's got the voice of an angel (kind of Grobanesque) and he's absolutely gorgeous! If you missed last night, he sang this Groban favorite:

He also sang The Prayer with Christina Aguilera, and I nearly melted. It was gorgeous!

Chris would be my number one favorite...if Jermaine wasn't in the mix.

Jermaine is a God given talent. He's got such a rich, soulful voice and every time I hear it, I smile. Also, I love him by default since he's on Team Blake! He's been trying to get a break for years since being Alicia Keys' background singer years ago, but no luck. Now all those people who have ever told him no are probably eating their words! He's hit it out of the park week by week, but last night hit the jackpot. I rewatched the YouTube video and got the chills. So please, if you watch anything today, spend three minutes watching this:

Ok I watched it again. And downloaded it. Still have chills.

I haven't gotten this excited about a finale since the first season of Idol! I am really hoping either Jermaine or Chris takes the title home. Get used to seeing their names around because I'm sure this is just the first of many hits we'll see from both of them!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. We love the voice too. I think Chris is the best

  2. Were you happy by the winner?? ;) I was glad Chris didn't win, for the prime reason that he is Team Christina and she's a psycho. Yep, I said it. Ha!


  3. I'm so far behind on the voice now I know I can't catch up... BUT I have heard nothing but amazing things about this season!


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