Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Highlight

This was a beautiful weekend! (although like most weekends, it went by faster than it should have!). The colors are getting gorgeous and the temperatures are pretty perfect right about now. I have to say though, my favorite highlight of my weekend (besides watching the Lion King with friends!) was being home on Saturday night.

Just me.

and some popcorn

and watching Shane West and Mandy Moore's love story in A Walk to Remember.

Yes, I still love this movie. Anything Nicholas Sparks gets me every time. And Shane West is still so so cute in my book.

So yes, all in all it was a good weekend! And by the way, the baked good that I will share tomorrow was a big hit. So get excited for finding out what that is. See, I know I have you hanging now!

What was your weekend highlight? I hope everyone had a fabulous first weekend of fall! Now off to another week. (less than 14 days till a 3 day Columbus weekend!) Have lovely Mondays everyone!



  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday evening to me! What a great movie!

  2. I watched that movie too!! Never gets old!

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