Thursday, September 29, 2011

Perspective through Pinterest!

Isn't it funny that sometimes seeing things on Pinterest makes you put all things into perspective? This may sound insanely silly, but now every time I am roaming the site, I always happen to stumble upon a quote or inspiring word that actually relates to what I had been feeling that day. Maybe this is just me being bizzarre, but seeing those inspiring quotes really does help me reflect and put my life into perspective (and of course they are all insanely cute, so that helps!). But here is some advice that has definitely been relating to my life as of late, and maybe you could even relate too:

Source: None via Susan on Pinterest

Has anyone else ever felt this way when roaming around Pinterest? Any advice you want to give away today? It's been a fun tool for me and I love finding all of these awesome quotes!

Happy Thursday!



  1. hi susan,
    i love all of those saying and it is a perfect reminder that i need today to slow down, take a breathe and just enjoy life in the moment. i have had some disappointments lately so the God has bigger things in store really means a lot me, thanks for the encouragement with your pins today!

  2. It's so true though! Sometimes on Pinterest I come across just the right quote for my day. Have a great Thursday!

  3. I completely feel that way!!! Sometimes Pinterest makes me have an "ah ha" moment and see things through a new perspective!

  4. I love Pinterest. These sayings are all very true. Especially the last two.

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