Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday's Fancies: In the Moment

in the moment

So {av} over at Long Distance Loving decided that this week's Friday's Fancies theme was to be Fashion Forward. I love people who are fashion forward. however I'm just not one of them! It takes me like three months to get with trends and make sure that it's still working, so usually I stay away from the trends. I'm more of a classics person when it comes to my style, but I do like to add pops of different trends in there. So, instead of being fashion Forward, I'm in the moment today. If I had to pick a look to wear right this second, this would be it! I absolutely love this dress, and it's belted so double win! Plus, adding the boots makes it feel like fall. I know I've done this style before, but I can't help it. I love the feel of the look, and it can easily go from work to play. EASILY! And since colors are so in this fall, I felt like this orange blazer and light green bangles would suffice. And who doesn't love this bag? So, right now, in the moment, this is what I wish I had! Anything you all are wanting in the moment? (I could think of a lot more, but I'll stick to just this for now!)

 Happy Friday! This weekend should be a slower, more relaxed weekend. I'm fonduing with friends tonight and tomorrow night I swear I will be staying in, being lazy. I haven't picked up my knitting in God knows how long, so I definitely am going to make a cowl! I made a few last year and gifted them, they were big hits. I can't wait to add another big chunky cowl to my collection. And it's in coral! I can't wait to show you guys next week!

I hope everyone has fabulous weekends, we all deserve them (even with a four day week. Yes, I said it! Four days is just perfect. If I had my way, I would make everyday just a tad longer but have fewer days in the week, whose with me?). My friends always have to hear how much I would love more hours in a day, so I thought I'd share with you guys too. haha. Anyway, enjoy, relax and spend a little time being thankful and reflecting this weekend, especially Sunday. I know I will be.



  1. LOVE the outfit Susan!! Have a great weekend

  2. That red jacket is to die for! I wish it's always four day week instead of five days too! xoxoxoo

  3. I'm definitely a "wear the classics" kind of girl too. So that's the perfect dress! And the pop of color from the blazer is also perfect for the season.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Love the blazer and boots!

    xx Emily @

  5. the wrap dress is so sophisticated but your accessories make it fun! i love this look!

  6. This look is great! So classy and chic. Happy weekend!

  7. Such a sweet outfit! I especially love that blazer :)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  8. I am loving this look. I;m with you - not super adventurous. Wearing feather earriongs today is a big step for me hehe! Loving those boots and the blazer. Super cute :)

  9. I am in love with your outfit! It seems like I am every week! :) I love the orange blazer and those boots...I so want them! Enjoy fondue with your friends!

  10. This outfit is fall perfection!! LOVE the orange blazer- such a great change from the typical black, navy or tan. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

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