Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY: my favorite easy knit cowl

So remember how I said I was going to knit over the weekend? Well I actually did!! I did not touch my afghan, that I know will eventually get done, but I wanted a real quick project that I could do in just a few quick hours. Like what I came up with?

I made these cowls last year and gifted them to ladies in my family and my girl friends as well, and I'm thinking that this year, everyone's getting a new one! haha, just kidding. But I really do love these cowls and I could not pass up this color when I was at the yarn store. Sorry ladies, but I'm keeping this one! Also, it's about the softest wool ever. EVER. It will be perfect for cooler days, like the ones we got today  and even later winter nights (but let's not think of those right now!). So what can I say? Should I model or what?

If you're a knitter and want to recreate it, here's what you do: Using size 17 circular needles, cast on an odd number with big chunky yarn (I've done 39 sts before but this time I wanted it a little bigger so I believe I did 45 or 47) and make sure you cast on pretty loose so that it's able to stretch a little and be flexible. All you do is seed stitch until the cowl is 9 inches in length. You should use your one whole skein of your yarn. It's pretty perfect actually.

Side note: I forgot what brand of yarn this is! I'll find out and let you know because seriously I have made so much with it and I can't wait to do more. All I know is if you live in the Chicago area, head up to Close Knit in Evanston! They'll help you out a lot! And they've got insanely awesome yarn there too!

So there you go everyone. A fast and easy cowl for fall. Now if I had the time to knit one more frequently. That will be the day...



  1. This is so cute! I wish I could knit! I have the stitch n bitch book, and my grandma has tried to teach me to crochet but no luck on my end!!!

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