Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Highlight

My weekend highlight was definitely heading up to the city with my friends to see this man live.

The man's name is Joe Nichols. and he was fantastic!

Seriously how cute is he? I was having a difficult time capturing his beautiful smile, but we were so close! I couldn't resist. Look him up if you want some new country tunes to get hooked on. He's got lots!

And we looked fabulous as well (although this photo doesn't do us justice, taken from the lady smack dab in front of us!).

It was a great weekend, though way too fast, as usual. Here's to a great week for all of you!



  1. It's been ages since I went to a good country concert! My last one was Brad Paisley a couple years ago...Must get to one soon!

  2. oh hello joe nichols! you are a hottie and i totally wish i could have come to this concert with you susan, he is so gorgeous! and i love his songs :-)

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