Thursday, September 15, 2011


Two of my favorite bloggers, Danielle of Breakfast at Toast and Sarah of Walking Around Where the Sidewalk Begins both have birthdays this week! And they are celebrating by having a link up of bloggers to share some of their favorite gift ideas. Now, there's no one who loves to give gifts more than me! (and don't get me wrong, I love receiving, but I'm all about giving them. Who doesn't love the reactions?)

So here are some of my favorite gifts to give:

Homemade Goodies:

Who wouldn't want to receive a jar of these babies as a gift? Chocolate Cookie Dough balls? MMMM

As we know here on my blog, I'm all about making desserts! So I love to give cookies and cakes (mostly cookies because that's what I'm pretty good at!) to my friends whenever they have something to celebrate! Who doesn't love a homemade treat?

A fun piece of jewelry
I love jewelry. I can't help it, and I think most other girls enjoy it also. So when I find a piece I love, I get it and then see if it would fit someone else's style too. It's all about sharing the love right?
I've loved this Jess LC Franklin necklace for a while. What a great gift to give or receive!

Ever since my spa birthday party when I was 13, I still find myself giving my friends spa and lotion items, and they still haven't complained! Everyone loves getting new lotion and having a new soft scent on their hands, and especially now at this time of year when the weather will get colder and drier in a few months. Lotion hits the spot.

These thank you notes from Paper Source are super cute and fallish. I'm loving these colors still!

Maybe this is just a gift I still love to receive, but in my eyes, stationary will never go out of style. A handmade note means a lot and I love having new notes to spice things up a bit!

A craft you made
My cowls that I have given as gifts (among m many knitting creations I've given over the years!)

I may be going out on a limb here, but I think giving away your own crafty handywork is fantastic! I've loved the gifts people have made for me over the years, from jewelry, to scarves, to kits to be able to make hot chocolate, etc. It's so authentic and personal that I love to do the same, especially with my knitting. I think nothing says you care by making it yourself (if you are so inclined! if not, no worries!).

I hope these two lovely ladies are enjoying their birthday week, especially topping it off with some cake and other goodies as well. What are your favorite gifts to give? Receive?

Have fantastic Thursdays everybody!


  1. o! those cookie dough chocolates look so tasty! xoxo jillian:: enter to win a knit cowl!

  2. I'm totally loving the homemade goodies and crafts!

  3. I love giving stationery as a gift -- it's timeless! I'm visiting from Danielle's and Sarah's blogs. It's fun to see everyone's gift ideas!

  4. I love the idea of giving someone a homemade baked good on their birthday or any day!

  5. I really enjoy knitting but all I know how do is make a regular scarf. Any tips on how to learn how to make a cowl? Or mittens and hats - I really want to try those!

    xx Emily @

  6. Oooh that knit scarf is so sweet. Love the color! :)

  7. I love giving gifts too!! I think baked goodies are always a fun gift :)

  8. I love the Jess LC necklace! She has great stuff! And it's hard to beat homemade goodies! They're sooooo good!! Recently found your blog and I'm a new it!!! I've got a delicious recipe for shrimp gazpacho and a jewelry giveaway going on! ;)
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  9. I LOVE homemade gifts! They're so special!

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