Monday, September 24, 2012

The weekend...

This weekend was such a good one! I had such an equal balance of productivity and play, which you really can't beat! Friday night was spent in making homemade pizzas and playing very intense games of Uno. I lost twice...I'll leave it at that!

Saturday I had work events, piano lessons, more work...

Sunday I spent the entire day at Wrigley Field. I've never been to a game so late in the season and the dynamic is so different than it is going in the middle of summer. I spent the whole game cheering and catching up with my friend Kristin. Unfortunately our cheering didn't work out so well. The Cards beat the Cubs 6-3. There's always next year!

The fans were still hardcore cheering, but we lost a few and I blame the Bears game! One thing about Chicagoans, they flock to whatever sporting event is in season!

How was your weekend? My week is pretty low key, and I'm looking forward to it! And Modern Family starts on Wednesday (hooray for all of their Emmy wins!)


  1. This week and Monday and Tuesday of next week look like they are going to be crazy busy for me. But if I am lucky I should have Oct 3-5 off from work. Cross your fingers for me.

    I haven't been to a baseball game in years. I really must attend on next year.

  2. Looks like you had such a blast, but my real question is, what did you eat at the game?! :)


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