Monday, September 10, 2012

Just Keep Going

Yesterday in Chicago was the big Chicago half marathon. Earlier in March (wow how time does fly!) I mentioned that my sister Mary and I wanted to run a half marathon this summer. I received great advice from a lot of you on how to train and how to be best prepared for something as big as this.

Well, it's September and we didn't reach our goal of getting it done. Did things get in the way? Yes. We didn't get in as many miles as we wanted to over the summer and didn't dedicate the time and training it takes to be prepared for a half marathon, even if it was a course that we wanted to set for ourselves.

When will we get to it? I don't know. Not this year, probably hopefully next. But I'll say one thing: I don't think I need a big race to get me motivated to run my hardest.  I really thought I did, but I'm changing my tune. If that works for some people, that's fantastic! Do I get motivated when a race is in the mix? Yes I do, but there are days, like yesterday, where I felt like I could have just kept going. I felt so motivated, so strong. The day was so beautiful, so comfortable, and I was in the zone. So I didn't feel guilty for not reaching this goal that I had set.

So the point of this post is this: even though you may not always reach your goals, just keep going. Set new goals and find new drive and motivation to keep yourself satisfied and happy with yourself. It really makes the task more fun and of course, more worthwhile and fulfilling.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends! With a busy, packed week ahead, I know that it'll be crucial to just keep going and stay motivated!

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  1. That's right! Just keep going! There is always tomorrow, next month, or next year!


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